Self Mastery for Success

Do you want to be a happy and healthy clinician?

Want to learn the Three Golden Keys to success?

Want to learn how to create work-life balance?

The Therapy Alliance Group (TAG) ‘Self Mastery for Success’ Personal and Professional Development Program helps Allied Health Professionals, just like you, take ownership of their life, career and wellbeing.

Our personalised learning community gives you access to live training, interactive coaching and group sessions, workbooks and real world tools to build the personal and professional life success you’ve always dreamed of without excessive stress or burnout!

Rachel Tosh is a Certified Practicing Speech and Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience, both as a clinician and Allied Health Practice owner. 

Rachel has also supervised and mentored over 100 student and new graduate Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Occupational Therapists (OTs).
With that wealth of experience there isn’t much she hasn’t seen, heard or experienced herself first-hand. 
Triumphs, tribulations, tears and tantrums, you name it!
Drawing on her extensive experience helping clinicians in their careers as Allied Health Practitioners, Rachel developed this course to help share her years of learnings with you. 
Through the TAG ‘Self Mastery for Success’ program and learning community you will learn how to better navigate the allied health industry, find balance and joy in your personal life as well as your work and to hone life-long skills that will carry you forward on your journey towards self mastery. 
You will receive a practical workbook to record your notes, reflections and ideas all in one place and to help you implement your valuable learnings.