Our Story


At TAG we try to make it all about you. We don’t normally like talking about ourselves because we think you are much more interesting and important but here’s a bit of our story so you can get to know us a little.
TAG was originally founded as a Speech Pathology service known as “Chatterbugs” by Rachel Tosh (CPSP) in Brisbane way back in 2004. The clinic temporarily closed when she and her family moved to Toowoomba in 2008. Since re-opening in Toowoomba in 2012 the service developed and grew. This growth was based on a reputation for exceptional care and therapeutic skill.
Through working with families in the local community we found many people were struggling to be able to access various therapy services they needed and there was very little available for teens or adults with disabilities. Families were running all over town to different services and appointments. The idea for Therapy Alliance Group, a “one-stop therapy shop” for families, was born.
Our Occupational Therapy service started in January 2017. From there we then added a dietitian and a physiotherapist. As our team continued to expanded we found we had new team members with specific skills in the area of adult disability, swallowing, voice and alternative communication so we now provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and nutrition services for anyone who needs us regardless of age or diagnosis.
Our vision is to help each individual to achieve their own unique potential through life changing therapy services. We aim to address current needs, enhance future capacity and create a better future for everyone whose life we touch.
At Therapy Alliance Group name we have a strong history and long tradition of delivering caring, effective and life-changing therapy services for children and adults with disability or development difficulties while supporting their parents, carers and families.
We do what we can to make life a little bit easier for you. With our support you can help your loved one be their best self and get the help they need.


Our values (see below) have guided us as we’ve grown and faced various challenges as a team to ensure we stay focused on helping each individual. We are a registered NDIS provider and remain dedicated to maintaining our registration even though many other therapy service providers are de-registering. Although dealing with the National Disability Insurance Agency is a frustrating, exhausting and costly exercise we are determined to help make the NDIS a system that helps improve the lives of people with disability for generations to come in Australia.
In 2020 we are improving the following:
1. Ongoing clinical skill development in specialty areas to help more people with disabilities get the best possible care
2. Increase our group program offerings and providing services that are more integrated with functional community participation
3. Clear and consistent administrative processes and better communication to improve client satisfaction
4. Expanding our clinical education program to help build a better therapy workforce of the future

TAG Values

Our values guide how we deliver services and our decision making as a team.