TAG Fee Schedule

Therapy services are an investment towards an individual’s future potential.  We aim to deliver the best possible therapy services at an affordable rate but we never sacrifice quality for price.  Often people aren’t aware of the extra time therapists spend outside of each face to face consultation preparing materials, record keeping, consulting with other professionals and consulting scientific literature to ensure best practices and optimal outcomes for each client.  We charge flat fees that are all inclusive to make it easier for families to budget for most services, and for most services charge below the NDIS price guide rates.

For costs associated with Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Dietetics services, please fill out this form to obtain a copy of our fee schedule.

Why do TAG quote for each client?

We hold ourselves to extremely high professional and ethical standards. We like to ensure that our customers are consenting to each aspect of their service so we are up front about what services are recommended and how much they cost.

We’ve been providing allied health services since 2004 and we’ve learnt a few things from our customers in that time. We used to have ‘assessment packages’ that included a consultation and report. Now we create a tailored quote up front based on information from each client. We will bill up to that amount and we only bill for work we do. If it takes less time than quoted then you pay less! This ensures we never overcharge, and people pay for the services they receive, with no hidden costs.

Our quotes are based on extensive industry benchmarking and years of experience so they are usually quite accurate. Occasionally a quote will need to change if additional services are required after the initial quote was made. We will always discuss this with a customer and ensure there is consent for any additional service costs if this occurs.