When to get help if you are worried about your child

We often hear, “I’m worried about…(insert your child worries here!)…when should I get professional advice?” The answer obviously depends on your child’s age and what you are worried about but overall the evidence says you should ask for help straight away.  Early intervention (doing something) at an early age has been shown to be more beneficial than a wait and see approach.  At TAG we use this helpful phrase when advising parents, “If in doubt, check it out.” If your child is fine that is a wonderful thing to know for sure as a parent anyway and if there is a problem you’ve got the best possible chance of a great outcome by doing something while they are still young.  The following are some common difficulties children might have and ideas regarding who at Therapy Alliance Group in Toowoomba might be able to help them: 

If 18 month old and not saying any words then see a Speech Pathologist.  

If 2 years old and not joining words together to make sentences then see a Speech Pathologist.  

If not crawling by 6-10mths of age see a Physiotherapist. 

If not walking by 12-15mths of age then see a Physiotherapist. 

If having trouble at any age coping with sensations (lights, sound, touch etc) then see an Occupational Therapist 

If not able to draw, copy shapes and use a pencil and scissors by three years of age see an Occupational Therapist.

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