Recently we celebrated Speech Pathology Week. Our team chose different ways to celebrate and demonstrate appreciation for the great work our Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) do in helping people Communicate for Life. Here’s a couple of examples of how we celebrated together:

  • Speech Pathology Week Quiz created by Adam (one of our SLPs)
  • A lunch break where everyone was randomly assigned to use alternative communication modes. Team members used Key Word Sign, natural gestures, a PODD book, LAMP Words For Life, ProLoQuo2Go and writing as their only form of communication
  • Displays and activities for clients
  • Lunch with a lip-reading competition
  • And true to the profession, we also expressed our appreciation verbally!


We asked our SLP team, “What do you love about being a SLP?”

Here are their answers:

  • I like doing something different everyday

  • I really love food so really love helping people access food and share that love by finding food that is safe and enjoyable for them makes me happy

  • I love communicating with people, and helping them, and making a difference

  • When I can make things that are tricky for them a little easier

  • The look on a parent’s face when their little one starts saying “no” to everything – priceless!

  • Giving a patient their first cup of tea after someone’s been on thickened fluids.

  • I like learning something new every day. It’s fun, I love it.