NDIS: A Parent Friendly Introduction

There is a LOT of information about the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and most of it is overwhelming, full of technical jargon and very confusing for parents.  We’ve tried to simplify some of the important information for you to make it easier to understand and know what we do.  We are happy to provide information as best we can but keep in mind that we are learning as we go, just like you, and the information is constantly changing so this information may not stay correct in the future but it’s what we know at the moment.

Here are the basics you need to know if you’re sure your child is eligible:

1.  NDIS will provide funding for reasonable and necessary supports.  It does not cover things that would be considered “normal” for most children/families or that are covered by other agencies or support options.

2.  Supports fall into three main categories: core (self-care, daily living, transport); capital (equipment and resource); and capacity building (skill development, therapy).  The main are expected to be supported will be capacity building.  It is important to identify and highlight the needs your child has and the supports required because of those needs.

3.  Developing your goals and clearly stating your child’s needs will be vital in getting a plan that is appropriate for your child’s needs.  Think of all the support your child needs and currently receives.  Think of the challenges your child faces, and how they compare to a typical child the same age.  What is the impact on the child and the family?  Write down all of these things.

4.  It appears the average plan has about 5-7 goals so it is useful to have goals grouped in broad areas such as communication, social interaction, learning, sel-care skills, and family goals.  DO NOT make goals skill specific – it needs to relate to an outcome that will enhance capacity to be funded!  This video is a brief introduction to the NDIS and how it can be accessed:



This longer video also invludes details about how to plan poals for your child in preparation for your meeting.


Want help completing your NDIS Access Request Form?  Need proof of disability reports from Allied Health?  Want help to plan goals or someone to come with you as a support person for your planning meeting?  We are happy to help.

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