A question our dietitian commonly gets asked is about milk versus supplements. Sometimes kids drink a pile of milk and eat very little food. This is definitely dietitian intervention time when this happens!

Often in this case a dietitian may commence a milk-based supplement instead of plain milk as an interim intervention to ensure nutrient requirements are met while the child learns to eat more solid food. The key is to work out which supplement the child should take and to maintain nutritional adequacy while the child transitions onto a “normal” diet. Typically, milk-based supplements meet most nutrient requirements except for iron, which is a bit trickier so it’s important to only use them with a dietitian’s advice and guidance.

Dietitians also try to find the fine balance between having enough of the supplement to meet requirements while allowing the child to have the opportunity to feel hungry – as a bit of hunger is typically the biggest motivator for children to eat. On that note though, we obviously don’t want to starve children!

Our team are always open to questions about children’s eating and nutrition – we hope this was helpful for you!

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