Appropriate posture and technique when lifting groceries, moving furniture or simply carrying laundry is essential in preventing present and future injuries such as slipped discs and muscle strains.

In this article, we will explore some easy strategies to carry and lift objects to prevent these conditions and help you get things done!

Step 1: Maintain a stable stance!

Make sure when picking up a heavy object that you stand with your feet at least hip width apart. This will provide a stable base, making the keeping of your balance easier and minimising effort.

Step 2: Use your legs to lift and don’t forget to engage your core!

It is essential that when you are picking up heavy objects you do not bend your back but use your legs and hips instead. Engaging your core and keeping the object close to your body will further minimise strain on your back.

Step 3: Use your legs to push the objects! 

Your legs have one of the strongest muscles in the body. Therefore pushing and not pulling will allow you to use this power source and spare your back the strain. 

Step 4: Don’t ever twist!

Twisting while working with heavy objects is the easiest way to develop a back injury. Protect your back by turning your entire body in block form instead of twisting your spine.

By using these 4 easy simple steps you can prevent unnecessary strain and injury. 

However, if you do experience any discomfort or concerns with muscle tension or postural alteration, don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance here at Therapy alliance Group from a qualified physiotherapist. Visit, your trusted partner in promoting a healthy lifestyle.