Carrying bags is an everyday occurrence. Unfortunately, it is also where most of us fail to take our posture into consideration. Carrying a heavy bag or carrying a bag frequently in an incorrect manner can lead to future pain, postural deviation or in the long term cause an injury.

In this article, we will explore some easy to follow strategies to prevent these from happening and keep you on the go!

Step 1: Choose good straps!

Wide straps help distribute weight evenly on your shoulders and well padded straps help your muscles and skin cope with the pressure. 

Step 2: Lighten the load!

Don’t carry items you don’t need and remember to regularly unpack your bag, keeping it as light as possible.

Step 3: Use both straps! 

Using both straps, distributes the weight evenly across your back and prevents unnecessary strain. Long term use of only using one strap can lead to uneven shoulder height, muscle strain and even scoliosis.

Step 4: Adjust those straps!

Low lying bags increase the risk of back strain and pain, as well as develop protruding shoulders to compensate for the weight. Ideally, a bag should sit above one’s bottom, close to your back.

By using these 4 easy simple steps you can prevent unnecessary strain, injury or postural alteration. Your body will thank you for it! 

However, should you experience any discomfort or concerns with muscle tension or postural alteration, don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance here at Therapy Alliance Group from our qualified physiotherapist. Visit, your trusted partner in promoting a healthy lifestyle.