Therapy Alliance Group Mission Statement

Our Vision:

Each individual achieving their own unique potential

Our Mission:

Effective, caring and life-changing therapy services

Our Values:

Family First: Family is our priority. We strengthen and support families. 
Love People: We love our children, our parents, our staff. 
Unique Potential: No two people are the same. We support each individual to make a unique contribution to the world and fulfil their own potential. 
Creative Futures: We think outside the square to create a future that doesn’t yet exist. We plan for long term outcomes. 
Exceptional is Our Norm: Amazing people who go the extra mile and aim for excellence in everything we do. 
Authentic: We act with integrity and are true to ourselves and each other. We learn from, but do not imitate others. 
KISS (Keep It Simple & Systematise): Find the most elegant solution then create and follow a system. Be efficient and effective. 
Play Every Day: We love what we do and we have fun doing it!

What makes icon so special

  • Toowoomba’s only local family-owned multi-disciplinary therapy service
  • A caring team of therapists in one convenient service
  • 75+ years combined experience
  • Fully qualified professionals with a special interest in paediatrics and early intervention