Are you excited about an upcoming long car trip with little ones but worried about how to keep boredom away for your kids? No worries! There are plenty of awesome activities that don’t involve screens and will make your journey super fun.

Let’s explore some suggested activities from our therapy team:

Erasable Magnetic Drawing Boards: These are like magic! You can draw and erase again and again. Just use the attached pen. It’s like having a mini whiteboard in your lap!

Magic Paint with Water Books: These books are like a secret. Dip the special brush in water and paint the pages to reveal colorful pictures. No mess, no fuss!

Magnetic Games and Puzzles: Flat magnets stick to a baking tray or a metal surface. You can create patterns, build shapes, or play fun games with magnetic pieces. No more losing bits and pieces!

Try a Hide and Seek/I Spy bag with mini objects hidden in rice: Make sure there’s a list of what’s hidden and take turns searching for them. Pass the bag around – it’s like a mini adventure!
Sensory toys: There are lots of options like fidget cubes, pop games, stretchy toys, and spinners that can keep little fingers busy and happy. Having a couple of different sensory toys can help kids stay interested and engaged.
Music and audiobooks: Listening activities are awesome, but if some people prefer quiet and others prefer noise when travelling then take turns choosing the volume or use headphones.

Remember, safety and clean up is important too:

  1. Use activities that won’t roll away or have small parts that could get lost under the seats.
  2. Have a snack stash but avoid foods that might potentially be a choking hazard for young children such as popcorn and peanuts and make sure any small round foods like grapes/blueberries are cut in half for safety. Extra tip – you might want to make the snack serves smaller than normal to space them out throughout the car trip.

With these awesome activities, your long car trip will be a blast!

No screens needed – just creativity and fun.
Enjoy the ride!